Top 5 advantages of having a Virtual Private Server

Top 5 advantages of having a Virtual Private Server
Top 5 advantages of having a Virtual Private Server


Virtual Private Server web hosting is one of the newer forms of web hosting that has only recently gained popularity. Let’s start with a proper definition of the term, for a better understanding. A virtual private server (VPS) is a type of web hosting server where hosting is done by segregating a main physical server into multiple virtual servers. The VPS provides a bridge between less expensive shared server hosting and more expensive dedicated server hosting.


Why is Virtual Private Server hosting so popular?


The virtualization technologies that sit at the basis of a VPS increase in performance and functionality. Moreover, shared web hosting is becoming outdated in terms of preferences and customer’s needs. Virtual Private Servers have become the preferred hosting solution for small to medium-sized businesses, due to the many advantages.


RapidDedi tells you why VPS is so beneficial


Virtual Private Servers come with a series of advantages that support customers’ needs and businesses. The predictions state that VPS are to become even more popular; they are the modern, effective and efficient way of hosting.

1. Virtual Private Servers provide more stability and reliability.

Shared web hosting usually pile a large amount of customers on the same servers, making them less reliable. With VPS, especially when it comes to your business, you can stop stressing over your website crashing easily. You have your managed dedicated server working for you.

2. Virtual Private Servers offer more control.

When your provider gives you a VPS package, you also get complete root access to your environment. Need a custom software package installed? With VPS, you can do it without needing your provider to do it for you. You get your own virtual environment that comes with more independence and fewer issues.

3. Virtual Private Servers are cost effective.

The cost of such a server type is always smaller than in the case of a shared server. This makes your company budget more open for other investments that can grow your business.

4. Virtual Private Servers are more flexible and have dedicated resources.

VPS come with more disk space, CPU, and RAM. They also provide the chance to choose your operating system and software for the server. This type of managed dedicated servers seems to define the evolution for 2017 web hosting solutions.

5. Virtual Private Servers provide managed data backups.

The best VPS plans provide for customers a way to back up their data. This way, you can always feel safe and restore at any time important data, when confronted with a network problem.

With VPS, you set your business on a modern path, gain a modern hosting solution and enjoy the cost, resources and stability advantages that come with the package.

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