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What are DDoS attacks and how to prevent them – Protect your data

What are DDoS attacks and how to prevent them – Protect your data
What are DDoS attacks and how to prevent them – Protect your data


In the rapidly expanding world of web hosting and the overall internet safety, one pressing matter gains strength among platforms: DDoS attacks.


Everything you need to know about DDoS attacks


DDoS attacks grew seven percent over last quarter. They increased by 132 percent compared to this time last year.
This issue causes a series of problems like crashing servers or entire platforms or leaks unintended by the affected parties. Among this, the question raised is how to increase digital safety and limit this number of malicious attacks?

We thought to shed some light on the manner. We are going to provide a few definitions and measures that would make everybody at home gain back the confidence in the internet world.

Let’s start with a better understanding of the concept. DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) occur when multiple compromised systems attack one source. It’s a virtual attack on internet services and it causes them to crash and malfunction across platforms. Be it individuals, small companies or international conglomerates, the world sees its fair share of parties affected by this problem. Despite the increase in frequency, the medium DDoS attack duration is now down 16 percent and shows a slight improvement in the matter.

Considering all these facts, let’s find out a few measures that you can take to prevent or stop DDoS attacks and ensure DDoS protection.  We’ll include a dedicated server, for the safety of your business and privacy.

Get up to date with  DDoS protection


  1. Track down a DDoS attack early.

The key to this is to pay attention and properly understand the behavior on your website. This means understanding when there’s an increase in your traffic for a normal motive and when you’re faced with the beginning of a DDoS attack. They usually start out with a sharp spike in your traffic numbers. If you don’t have this specific set of understandings, then a DDoS protection professional can help you with this problem.


  1. More Bandwidth, more time to act back.

The more bandwidth you have for your server, the easier it is to deal with a large traffic on your website. We take into consideration peak periods (be it promotional or the beginning of an attack).

More bandwidth won’t necessarily stop the attack. It can offer you extra time to act and fight back. It’s not quite the same as when you have dedicated DDoS protection, but it’s a start.


  1. Hire a DDoS expert.

If you’re faced with a large attack, then your best chance is a DDoS organization with expertise and experience in the matter, like RapidDedi. They can provide all the know-how, a dedicated server DDoS, infrastructure and techniques to act on your behalf. They can help you keep your website online without crashing. Take into account that one of these experts on your payroll can prove quite useful in times of crisis. DDoS protection is essential.


  1. Your web hosting provider can help you.

If you’re under attack, don’t hesitate to call your web hosting provider. There’s a chance that they can identify it and can be of service. They can at least keep the attack further from your corporate LAN. Plus, they already have a great bandwidth capacity to keep your website online. Moreover, they can redirect your traffic to a secure dedicated server.

You can contact us here at RapidDedi and make sure to ask for the best DDoS protection package that suits your needs. We can make you feel safe every click of the way!

How to choose your web hosting provider

How to choose your web hosting provider
How to choose your web hosting provider


In the modern world of 2017, web hosting isn’t an option for companies anymore; it’s a necessity that can influence the success of their online business and presence.

With this rapidly growing field of activity, choosing a good web hosting provider isn’t something to take lightly. The future of your website and online image depends on it.


Know your web hosting needs


So you’ve set up your website and you’re ready to let everybody know you’re present on the internet. But do you know what your hosting needs are? If not, start here.

What kind of website do you have?

How complex or simple is it (a WordPress blog, for example)?

Do you need a special version of the software (such as PHP)?

Does your website require special software?

How big (or small) can the web traffic volume go?


Once you have the answer to these questions figured out, it’s the start of your choosing process. Make sure that the web hosting provider you’re looking for is suited to cater to your specific needs.

A bad web host can have negative effects on your search ranking. It can also affect your online authority in the long run, just like your budget, work, and resources. It can also crash your website, without proper DDoS protection.


What to take into consideration when choosing a web hosting provider


Now that you’re all set, let’s see what the most important criteria are when choosing the perfect web hosting service and provider. What should you look for in a web host?

1. Server reliability is a must.

A 24/7 operating web host is essential. This translates into a powerful server and stable network connections. Managed dedicated hosting can be crucial to your website and business, so be sure to check this one out.

2. Decide how much hand-holding you’ll need.

Are your specific needs simple or complex? Do they need a dedicated person to take care of them or not? Based on what you need, you can opt for managed or unmanaged service to make sure that your system is ready for the type of activities you’re operating.

3. How much traffic do you estimate for your website?

Storage and bandwidth usage are essential so that your website can accommodate your estimated traffic. If you’re running with a large traffic number, be sure to get DDoS protection to avoid crashing the website; same goes for unwanted DDoS attacks that can harm your business.

4. Get acquainted with different types of servers.

Shared servers are cheaper, but a thing of the past. But Virtual Private Servers are becoming more and more popular and reliable. If you use a VPS, you should be familiar with basic server maintenance and management. If you’re in need of managed dedicated hosting, consider a dedicated server, classical or cloud.

5. Study on features and limitations.

Each web hosting company provides a list of software and infrastructure needed to run your website. Be sure to check up on all of them in order to decide if they’re suited for your needs or not.

6. Pricing and reputation.

Interested in a specific web hosting company? Check them up and see how they are in reviews and reputation. Don’t choose the cheapest one to save a few bucks. Chances are you’ll get your money’s worth, and not in the best sense. Many companies will try to grab your attention with their cheapest price, while the hosting plan is extremely limiting even for the most basic needs.

Your business and website are important. By choosing the proper web hosting provider, you ensure their success.

You can contact us here at RapidDedi to find out more about our services and web hosting offer. We have the best services to cater to your needs 24/7/365.

Top 5 advantages of having a Virtual Private Server

Top 5 advantages of having a Virtual Private Server
Top 5 advantages of having a Virtual Private Server


Virtual Private Server web hosting is one of the newer forms of web hosting that has only recently gained popularity. Let’s start with a proper definition of the term, for a better understanding. A virtual private server (VPS) is a type of web hosting server where hosting is done by segregating a main physical server into multiple virtual servers. The VPS provides a bridge between less expensive shared server hosting and more expensive dedicated server hosting.


Why is Virtual Private Server hosting so popular?


The virtualization technologies that sit at the basis of a VPS increase in performance and functionality. Moreover, shared web hosting is becoming outdated in terms of preferences and customer’s needs. Virtual Private Servers have become the preferred hosting solution for small to medium-sized businesses, due to the many advantages.


RapidDedi tells you why VPS is so beneficial


Virtual Private Servers come with a series of advantages that support customers’ needs and businesses. The predictions state that VPS are to become even more popular; they are the modern, effective and efficient way of hosting.

1. Virtual Private Servers provide more stability and reliability.

Shared web hosting usually pile a large amount of customers on the same servers, making them less reliable. With VPS, especially when it comes to your business, you can stop stressing over your website crashing easily. You have your managed dedicated server working for you.

2. Virtual Private Servers offer more control.

When your provider gives you a VPS package, you also get complete root access to your environment. Need a custom software package installed? With VPS, you can do it without needing your provider to do it for you. You get your own virtual environment that comes with more independence and fewer issues.

3. Virtual Private Servers are cost effective.

The cost of such a server type is always smaller than in the case of a shared server. This makes your company budget more open for other investments that can grow your business.

4. Virtual Private Servers are more flexible and have dedicated resources.

VPS come with more disk space, CPU, and RAM. They also provide the chance to choose your operating system and software for the server. This type of managed dedicated servers seems to define the evolution for 2017 web hosting solutions.

5. Virtual Private Servers provide managed data backups.

The best VPS plans provide for customers a way to back up their data. This way, you can always feel safe and restore at any time important data, when confronted with a network problem.

With VPS, you set your business on a modern path, gain a modern hosting solution and enjoy the cost, resources and stability advantages that come with the package.

Ask your hosting provider for the best plan and contact us here at RapidDedi for more information.



Top benefits of web hosting services for your business

Top benefits of web hosting services for your business
Top benefits of web hosting services for your business


In the over expanding world of digital and online businesses, a website is a very powerful tool and web hosting services are essential to your business platform. The reach of a website that promotes your business can extend to a series of benefits: more visibility, more traffic, more interest in your product or services. This medium achieves sales goals in no time and with calculable results. These types of services can guarantee a safe digital existence and experience.


RapidDedi knows the advantages of web hosting services for your business!


Here at RapidDedi we think continuously on how to improve the experiences that business owners have. The importance of a safe network that functions flawlessly and delivers results and an increase in sales can’t be underestimated. We know all the obstacles faced, just as well as the solutions. It is why we thought about presenting the most important advantages of web hosting services for your online business.


What do companies gain from good web hosting services?


Good web hosting means a series of ongoing services that can benefit not only your website but also your business or personal brand. With a web hosting provider on your payroll, you get the guarantee that a professional is taking care of your online presence. This can give you more time to focus on expanding your brand or service.

1. You get dedicated support.

The first main benefit of having a web hosting provider is the support you’ll be getting. If you run into an issue, your web hosting specialist can take care of it. Your website is down? Call him. There’s a problem with your traffic? Call him. Fearing a DDoS attack and need DDoS protection? Call him.

No matter what issue you’re having, an expert will deal with it with experience.

2. You get reliable servers.

The kind of server that hosts your company is a big deal. This means that it needs to be maintained properly. This way, you get the guarantee that your site won’t crash, won’t work slow. A Virtual Dedicated Server (VPS) can accommodate your virtual needs in a way that will support your business. Reliable servers can also provide DDoS protection from unwanted attacks. They provide an extra support for your users’ smooth experience on your platform.

3. You get cost efficiency.

Hosting boosts the efficiency of your budget by removing the need for big capital outlays on hardware and data centers. This capital can instead be redirected towards upgrades or expanding your work. In a hosted environment, you pay as you grow, saving you money. So you get not only dedicated web hosting services, reliable VPS and customer support, but also a wiser use of your budget.

4. You get the latest technology automatically.

Web hosting services are usually up to date to latest upgrades in their industry. So you receive the latest technologies in the package, the latest in hardware and software, along with an experienced staff. In the field of DDoS protection or virtual private servers, for example, this has a large importance; your expert is providing you with the newest tools to be safe, present and efficient in your online appearance and interaction.

5. You get reliable backup and restore.

When fearing or confronting website attacks, enough backup is essential for your data. Having a reliable backup and restore mechanism is the ultimate protection against attacks on your website, such as DDoS attacks, for example.

6. You get more control.

When hosting on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) package, in comparison to shared hosting, you get complete root access to your environment. Moreover, this can mean that you avoid issues with software packages that need to be installed. Or that you’re secure and at best performance.

Be sure to contact us here at RapidDedi and ask for the web hosting services that will help your business stay on track, prospering and continuously growing!

The hottest web hosting trends for 2017

The hottest web hosting trends for 2017
Web Hosting Trends 2017 from RapidDedi


With increased technology innovating year after year and web hosting getting more advanced, new trends and developments are penetrating the market and the professionals’ interests. New methods, developments, and optimizations are being launched in order to simplify the work, provide better and safer hosting solutions and help an overall growth in the market.


New innovations and developments in the field of Web Hosting from RapidDedi


These days, companies are taking an even larger interest in web hosting services. This leads to more partnerships and increased level of trust between the interested parties. Moreover, customers are looking for customizable web hosting packages, easily adapted to their needs and vision. This transition comes with a series of new web hosting trends that will surely be of interest and value for businesses throughout 2017. Interested? Find out everything you need from RapidDedi so you can be up to date with the most interesting web hosting trends.

Web Hosting trends to be on the lookout for in 2017


1. Managed WordPress Hosting for better traffic

If you’re working with a WordPress website, you definitely need a really good hosting provider. As most of you know, this platform doesn’t provide on its own the type of web hosting you need in order to obtain the desired traffic to your website. The good news is that in 2017 you can consider WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress Hosting makes sure to provide everything you need in terms of support. Therefore, we’ll be seeing a lot of new, better-optimized websites here this year.

2. DDoS Protection for an increased level of security

Over the last few years, there’s been an unfortunate increase in the number of companies affected by DDoS attacks or Distributed Denial of Service Attack. This happens when a malicious person floods your server with enough requests at once so that your website crashes.

The number of attacks in 2017is considerably limited due to a larger number of web hosting companies that have optimized and upgraded their DDoS protection services. So just be on the lookout and make sure you’re asking the right package from your provider.

3. Green web hosting to increase the global eco movement

Being one of the greatest Eco-friendly innovations, Green Web Hosting follows the overall global trend. Helping not only businesses that rely on marketing and promotions but also the whole planet. Pretty cool, right? Virtual private server hosting as those provided by RapidDedi is just an example. Make sure to consider this!

4. Cloud Hosting easy to use

Cloud technologies aren’t a secret to anyone, anymore. It’s the way of the modern world to keep everything backed and secure in a virtual space. This has expanded to cloud hosting, a type of service that provides reliability, speed, and performance. This type of hosting has a series of other advantages: affordability and the high level of reliability mentioned before. Check out  RapidDedi, one of the rapidly rising companies that provide cloud-based hosting. It’s easy to use, due to its management interface. It’s easy to use, due to its management interface. If this raised your attention, make sure to explore all your options.

Contact RapidDedi and explore the best solutions that fit perfectly your web hosting needs!